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Challenges we meet in our lives today, are often connected to the lives lived by of our Ancestors. Recent research in Epigenetics has shown that we are influenced by events far back in time in our family systems, and that we carry physical, mental and relational symptomologies including illnesses and trauma, from unresolved systemic fragmentation.

Ancient traditions have always respected the reality of interconnectedness to who and what came before, who and what is now, and it’s implications for what is to come.

As a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Trainer, and Systemic Family Therapist my work supports the restoration of health and wellbeing in your life, by reconnecting and in collaboration with your Ancestors and the trauma that is held between all; collective trauma included.

The work is client-focussed, ritual-inclusive, initiating transformative movements inside the ancestral system at large, and you – the client, within.

I have a particular strength in working with chronic conditions of physical or mental illness, war, violence and sexual abuse, and spirit-related illness. As a senior practitioner and international trainer with over 30 years of experience, my work embraces all aspects of healing: for those today, those behind us and most of all: those yet to be born.

Working with me includes Transformation & Self-Healing of Body, Mind – Spirit, All your Relations and most importantly: You.

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Andrea Bosbach Largent is a Facilitator and Trainer of Systemic Constellations in Europe, the US since 1992. Her extensive study include Generational Trauma Release, Ancestral Curse Unbinding, Oaths Unwinding, Ancestral Mediumship & Systemic Healing Structures for Phsycial, Mental and Spirit-Body Well-Being.

My current priority is Teaching new generations of Facilitators & Compassionate Spirit-Workers.

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