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Family Constellations, Therapy, MediumShip and Spirit 


This page initiates all one-on-one services with Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft - the majority of sessions are provided in person in her office in Kennett Square, PA. Long-distance arrangements are available. When it comes to therapy, we would need to investigate together if the online forum provides optimal support to you.  Being effective is important to me. Hence, an assessment of fit and focus is key and is where we would begin our interaction with one another. I look forward to working with you.                                                                      Andrea Bosbach Largent


Family Constellations

Releasing generational trauma to increase health, wealth and connection in relationships. This experiential group process sheds light on disruptions preventing a healing movement in one’s physicality, emotions, spirit, or relations. Once connectivity is re-established, the most efficient form of healing = Self-Healing, is inevitable. Process is particularly useful for the following conditions - read more.

20th Anniversary of the

East Coast Intensive

Therapy & Counseling

Therapy moves one through grave life challenges in the safety of a  1:1 setting:

  • all forms of abuse, including psychic and ritual abuse 
  • severe loss - death of a loved one including animals, as well as loss of health or employment
  • Suicidality
  • Chronic Illness & Anxiety
  • Mental Health: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Personality Disorders
  • Spirit Related Illness


Connect with your deceased loved ones, as they share how they can support you. We have their unconditional support. And their purpose is: supporting us. No matter who they were when alive, once released from body and trauma, their support is simply unconditional and ever present. The question becomes: Are the living making use of it? 

Spirit Clearing

Spirit Clearings assist you when energetics on your land, around your own person, or in your home, have become to overbearing. Spirit Clearings are also useful to unravel (break) curses and oaths taken or carrying unknowingly through generations and centuries. Releasing is quite fast and highly effective. Spirit Beings do cooperate and generally are as happy to move on, as you. Services provided follow a code of compassionate release and interaction for all involved.

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Have Andrea come to you!


In this day in age we transmit much of our communications through technology and, much of Ancestral Realms' services are available long-distance.  However, nothing compares to the palpable energy and experience of face-to-face contact. If you would like Andrea come to you let us know which offering you would like to experience and where you are located and, we will let you know available dates and pricing. 

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