Illuminating Ancestral Purpose

Generational Trauma Release via Geno-Chart-Processing™

About Ancestral Fields

An Ancestral Field is a gigantic platform (memory) where information about a Family at large (a tribe) is stored. The Ancestral Field operates within specific laws, assuring that everyone born or related into the Field is honored, respected, and belongs in heart and soul. So when tragedies come upon a family, personally or collectively, the Ancestral Field notes such tragedies in their need for healing and completion.

This is a completely natural and ingenious design! As part of it, and as part of our human-ness, each family member is actively engaged in one or two of the healing needs within the Ancestral Field. Again, this is completely natural and ingenious. Especially when it comes to large collective dynamics, more then one person is needed to reach full restoration. Large collective dynamics are: Mental Wellness, Abuse, Addictions, Chronic Illness’ especially Genetic Information, Violence, Oppression, Injustices – and all scales.

Ancestral Field Readings identify the place you hold in your Family’s Healing Journey. They further illuminate your personal, family and collective task as your unique contribution to this world and humanity within. Ancestral healing needs drive the foundation and fabrique of our personal lives in relation to our profession, relationship, success and health.

When fully conscious our capacity of impact, our choice potential increases – for OurSelves, our Families, and the Collective of All, increases tremendously. Leaving behind limitations, and symptomology to a large degree, if not fully.

This once-in-a-lifetime reading is a 2-consultation process. The first meeting collects data and information (75 minutes), the second meeting provides the reading (45 minutes). You may record the session for future reference. $350/process

Additional sessions to go into resolution, repair or healing motions naturally can be scheduled on an individual basis.

The Geno-Chart Process™ is offered as a two step training to Professionals working with People:

Foundation (10 hours) and Certification to become a GC Practitioner (72 hours). See Training for details.

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