Constellation Master Class: Facilitator Self

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Date(s) - 10/13/2022 - 10/16/2022
9:00 am - 7:00 pm


Beyond Entanglements: Reaching deep into the Ancestral Wisdom

Facilitator Self

This Master Class picks up where other trainings stop.

Training for Constellators, Facilitators, Professionals in All Healing Professions, Mediums included and welcome

Pre-requisite: Systemic Foundation, Curiosity & Interest in Transformational Processing

Word Medicine & Facilitator Self, part II

Words build a Healing Sentence, Words relate to setting a Healing Structure, Words engage in Trust with one another & the process.
Words carrying medicine are not those we ‘learned’ in an analytical setting. They must come from a Facilitator’s core and match the client as well as the Ancestral Field and System within. No easy task.
The Art of Word-Medicine may be compared to a sword fight wherein one stroke may bring healing, another may bring separation and not doing anything brings stuckness. The possibilities for healing are ever so limitless. I have spend decades with this Art and it is time to share, invite you and foster an environment of growth & strength amongst colleagues of Systemic Facilitation with the aim of widening, deepening and strengthening one’s tool kit.
October 13-16 2022
  • Word Medicine: Deepening one’s Facilitator Capacity
  • Ancestral Fields, Group Field & Facilitator Self
  • 8 pillars on which the Facilitator stands
  • Staying connected to systemic strength: the movement towards
  • Constellations on your Facilitator Behalf
  • The Wise Facilitator Self: Engaging & Deepening the Diagnostic Interview
  • Practice, Practice, Practice….. and fun!

Systemic Healing holds great strength and superb transformational potential. The strengths comes largely from within the systemic field (and client self) and the Facilitator is the conductor to listen, read, comprehend, analyze and translate the shared information from the Systemic Field and make good use of it in the therapeutic relationship with the client.

Part of this can be the use of a Constellation. This tool (constellation) is mighty in its impact as its structure of a Constellation is followed. Yet, a Facilitator (Practitioner) is not limited by having the ability to set up a constellation or not. The structure Constellations can be translated into direct work with clients, provided the Facilitator is skilled in understanding both:

  • the structure of a constellation and what initiates transformation or healing movements;
  • and the systemic field, how to hold it, investigate within it, and come back with the knowledge of where in the large ancestral or cosmic system the stuckness (symptom/entanglement) resides.
  • All Entanglements (symptoms, challenges) have a dimension beyond their appearance. So that too, becomes a ‘need-to-know’ for a Facilitator in the Art of Systemic Healing Movements.

Pre-requisite to attending is the completion of either a Facilitator training, foundational or otherwise, or a training in an equivalent systems approach: medicinally or psychotherapeutically, i.e. acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, certain shamanic lineages. F

The learning format is built on circle technology, and honors the sanctity of a mature learning environment.

At the heart of the training is your development as a Facilitator. Your questions and needs will be built into the learning environment from the beginning. The Learning Environment invites you to bring cases from your practice with you – for which we can provide meta-constellations.

October 13-16, 2022

Thursday 1:30 pm through Sunday 3 pm

Coolfont Resort, Berkeley Springs, WV


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In Person Tuition
Please note that overnight and food are not part of the tuition. Reservations are made directly with Coolfont Resorts.
Trainee Ticket: Trainess from ongoing Supervision & Training Circles $450.00

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