Spirit Dimensions: Working with Spirit

 In Mediumship & Shamanic Training, Mediumship Circle
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Date(s) - 06/30/2022 - 07/02/2022
9:00 am - 2:15 pm


Spirit Dimensions of Health & Healing

Working with Spirit means to enter into a world of collaboration within non-ordinary reality. In doing so, the  magick, the aliveness of all that exists expands, for ourselves, the work we do, and those we are working with. 
In this Course you are introduced to a compassionate structure of Working with Spirit through:
            • teaching,
            • mentoring &
            • practicing the art of Collaborating with Spirit Dimensions
Teachings include:
  • Land & Nature Spirits
  • Compassionate Foundation of Life and Person
  • Curse Unbindings as well as Oaths
  • Animal Spirits & Spirit Work for Animals
  • Compassionate Depossession & Spirit Unbinding
  • Elements, Elementals, Sky & Earth
  • Magick and Enchantment
  • Spirit Emergence & Emergencies: Possession Illness
  • Ancestors, Fields & Boundaries
The Course is taught in a non-linear approach, where ‘what is asking to be taught’ provides the structure. Teaching tools are applied within learning circle as a template from which you transfer to your healing framework with clients. The 9 in Spirit Dimensions of Health and Healing is rooted in a strictly compassionate cosmology wherein all sentient Beings are worthy of sovereignty and choice. 
Spirit Dimensions of Health & Healing is designed for those who wish to include spirit dimensions in their therapeutic healing work. To do so the circle enganges in understanding and acknowledging spirit dimensions, spirit technologies and magick as part of our Nature. Kindly take note that Spirit Dimensions of Health & Healing is a teaching frame work requiring a foundation of mediumship and/or journeying.
Part of the Course is providing mentoring on personal practice, as well as clinical application in working with clients.
Spirit Dimensions of Health & Healing
9 am to 2:30 pm EST – 15 to 20:30 O’clock CET – online
June 30-July 2, September 22-25, October 27-29, December 15-17, 2022, February 8-11, 2023 & March 16-19, 2023
About your Teacher:
Andrea Bosbach Largent, MSW, SFT is an international full-time Trainer, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Medium, Vala and Systemic Psychotherapist in the US and Germany. In her mediumistic practice she is offering teachings within the Ancestral Realms; or: as Elder Malidoma Some shared: “Andrea brings the Voice of the Ancestors to the Living people and the desperately needed healing within human community”. In her shamanic work she follows the paths of the Vala (Norse Mysteries/Seidr).
Andrea upholds a code of compassion within the unbinding of oaths, spirits, curses, landscapes, illness & healing of Spirit & Human. 
The lineage Andrea is most at home in is the Norse Mysteries & Seidr (Betsy Bergstrom – Seattle, WA & Annette Host – Denmark). Her studies include teachings received from Carol Blackfoot-Edgar (Lenape/North-America), Elder Malidoma Some (Dagara/West-Africa), Dr. Girish Jagirdar (India/Aborigines) and Johannes B Gardbaeck (Trolldom/Sweden). As well as her own ancestral roots in the Germanic Norse, East-Prussian & Gypsy FolkDom.
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