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Date(s) - 06/14/2023 - 06/18/2023
11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Within a Facilitator’s tool bag is Word Medicine 

Words build a Healing Sentence,

Words relate to setting a Healing Structure,

Words engage in Trust with one another & the process.

Words carrying medicine are not those we ‘learned’ in an analytical setting. They are born from within a Facilitator’s core and match the client as well as the Ancestral Field and System within. No easy task.
The Art of Word-Medicine may be compared to a sword fight wherein one stroke may bring healing, another may bring separation and not doing anything results in stuckness. The possibilities for healing are ever so limitless. I have spend decades with this Art and it is time to share, invite and foster an environment of growth & strength amongst colleagues of Systemic Facilitation widening, deepening and strengthening one’s tool kit.
One in person gathering: June 14-19, 2023 in Bernried, Germany
Wednesday 4 pm CET through Sunday 1 pm CET – includes evening work & fun too
What’s included in this training:
  • The Wise Facilitator Self: Engaging & Deepening the Diagnostic Interview
  • Word Medicine: Deepening one’s Facilitator Capacity
  • Words within the Ancestral Field: What it will and will not respond to
About the trainer Andrea Bosbach Largent:
My Constellation Work is client-focussed, ritual-inclusive, initiating transformative movements inside the ancestral system at large, and the client within. You meet a clinically sound fusion devoted to honoring and healing all People: those alive today, those who came before us and descendants to be.
As an international full-time Trainer and Facilitator of Constellations since 1992, I am available bilingually: german/english throughout Europe and the US; and the world at large. Three Masters are with me: Family Systems, Social Work/Pedagogy and Holistic Healing supporting the Constellation Work I provide, teach and supervise.
My unique ability is to meet & illuminate complex Family & Ancestral Fields such as abuse, including ritual abuse, violence, and chronic illness including mental ill- and wellness. Some may call it ‘massy human relating’… oh well, or maybe: participation in a collective necessity, moving sexual abuse towards healthy sexuality, or violence towards peace. My work offers transformative, hence healing and self-healing movements to individuals and the ancestral field they reside within.
As a Facilitator of long-standing and deep experience (1992),  my clinical eye is held in the inclusion of spirit and other-world understandings. I was one of the first to explore the human-animal field of relations to illness for both: human and/or animal; home and land constellations. Astro-Constellations are another gift, so are Past Life Processees, Curse and Oaths Unravelings, and the Dis-Entanglement of Spirit Related Illness. All remains in the focus of the person seeking support of Full Health, Life, Relating & Success. 
A profound respect and practice is present in honoring the Ancestral Wisdom and Teachings of the West African People as presented to me through Elder Malidoma Some, and to the Zulu, and their impact and relationship with Bert Hellinger.
A clinically sound fusion devoted to honoring and healing all People: those alive today, those who came before us and descendants to be.



Word Medicine - Deposit $180 - tuition of $900 is to be send by check Does not include cost of overnight & meals during June event


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