Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft

Hello, I am delighted to e-meet you!

What you may be looking for is a sense of who I am, how I was trained, what I am committed to and am passionate about. Whatever I am not answering for you – please connect with me, and I’ll happily do so one-on-one.

My greatest passion in life are people; is humanity. I remember watching adults when I was a tiny human: observing ever so intently and without any clinical sense (yet) – I concluded: much of what I was seeing in adult interaction was not their true nature. I saw what they were doing, and I saw what they were actually wanting and became ever so fascinated with the gap between. My passion was born to illuminate 

                                                       What is one’s true nature?

                                                       How does one stray from one’s true nature? 

And of course:                            How does one return to one’s own nature?

These questions became a huge driver in my life and remain so today.

During my tiny human years, I also had the company of chronic illness from about 6 months old to my mid-twenties. Understanding the validity of chronic ailments, their interest in our healing, and their capacity in supporting us – the realization and experience of Self-Healing were all welcomed and lead to another passion that is valid to today:               

                                                     How does Self-Healing relate to Illness? 

                                                   How does Illness relate to Well-Being?   

                                                     To me, these questions are life-affirming, life-giving and full of vitality. 

                                                     As questions, not answers.

Combine these drivers, with the intellect and boundless curiosity of an Aquarian and you’ll get a ferocious learner; a natural in systemic synthesis and application (Taurus Moon) to whom a box, a limitation, is an invitation to study, to be puzzled, to explore. In my twenties, I launched a corporate career as an accountant – while I was very good with numbers – I wasn’t that good in being alone with them. So in my mid-twenties I took a fresh start and began my studies at the Catholic University of Cologne in Germany. I graduated with a Masters in Social Pedagogy, Social Work, and Holistic Healing. Within those years, I also successfully gained a degree as a Systemic Family Therapist. And I met Family Constellations. 

In meeting Family Constellations, my health moved from satisfactory symptom management to health! In meeting Family Constellations, my relationship with my Father went from broken to possible without ever speaking to him about it. A most heartfelt journey began for me, changing life in its entirety. I began studying Constellations from every angle possible – I was young, I was devoted, I was the ferocious learner.

Having met Constellations at such an early juncture in life (1992, I was 26 years old) was quite fortunate – and today, I’d say: destined. 

In 1999, a move from Germany to the USA, where Constellation Work was barely known, pulled me into a more active Facilitatorship. I got involved in building up a Professional Field with Constellations, met a great many pioneers along the way and brought teachers to this part of the world as well – ‘my’ teachers: Dr. Albrecht MahrBert Hellinger, Claudia Mengel (now: Szombathy-Kraus), and Ulrich Bold. In doing so, a private practice began to form here in the US, which I continue to hold dear in serving the community. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and continue to teach in Europe – mostly Germany, and throughout the US, at times in Canada. Basically, I go where Life asks me to go.

In America, the land of endless possibilities, I began studying other Fields of our human relatedness. Curses, Oaths, Spirit-related Illness, Norse Mysteries/Seidr (Betsy Bergstrom), Past Lives, Karma, Yoga: hatha, classicalyin, Palmistry (Dr. Girish Yagidar), the Art of Ancestralization, Kotomble, and Ritual (Elder Malidoma Some), Transformative Astrology, Reiki, NLP, Tapping, Energy Medicine, Shamanic Paths (Carol Proudfoot-Edgar). And I continue to learn and grow. Most recently I completed a 2 year training with Stephan Hausner (Illness and Soul). Currently I am enrolled in an Apprenticeship on Trolldom with Johannes B Gardbaeck in Sweden. 

Please, if your contribution as a teacher is not listed here, know, that I hold every class, every encounter in deep appreciation.  

Meditation has been a lifelong friend – starting in childhood and all throughout, I remain an avid meditator.  I love introspection, inquiry, and enjoy hermitting myself in regular cycles.

This ‘About Me’ sharing easily becomes a tiny booklet. Before it does, let me go back to the beginning. I said I would share my passion and my commitment (check), my teachers (check), my training (check), and Who I am…

I am a compassionate human female, who is devoted and skilled to reorganize chaos (in whatever shape it may have entered someone’s life) – to reorganize chaos to it’s natural true space of connection through the aid of Fields. 

As we reestablish true connection with Self, with Others, with Body and Spirit – Self-healing is inevitable.

Andrea’s Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft

  • International Senior Facilitator & Trainer in Constellations
  • Founder of the East Coast Intensive (2000)
  • Shamanic Practitioner in the Norse Mysteries
  • Animal-Human Facilitator
  • Founder of the Astro-Constellation Process
  • International Trainer in Constellations with the Coloured Fields
  • Founder of the Geno-Chart-Processing(TM) for clinical application
  • Creator and Guardian of the Facilitator Directory
  • Systemic Family Therapist
  • Masters in Social Work, Pedagogy and Holistic Healing
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Evolutionary and Transformative Astrology
  • Past-Life Regression certified
  • Reiki certified
  • NLP certified
  • Gestalt trained
  • Swim & Dance Teacher
  • Accounting, BA in Business Administration

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