Mediumship is communication with Spirits & Beings of the Natural World.

Please choose the service you wish to engage in:

Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones

  • Connect with Deceased Loved Ones
  • Ask Questions: about family history including secrets, someone’s death, or perspective onto a historical or current situation.
  • Request support, or develop a pathway on requesting support from your Deceased Loved Ones.

Therapeutic Mediumship & Relational Restorations

  • Generational healing for complex requests such as abuse, murders, suicides, family secrets.
  • Spirit possessions, and ancestral curses.
  • Provision of a therapeutically sound & deep mediumistic connection.
  • Collaboration with psychotherapy or other healing processes is welcomed and possible.

Connecting with Ancestral Guides

  • Ancestral Guides are with us life-long; holding special skills and gifts for us to be claimed.
  • Ancestral Guides are of divine origin / part human origin.
  • Ancestral Gifts(Rites) are skills held in your family lineage.

Mediumship is communication with Spirits & Beings of the Natural World.

The Natural World consists of animals, trees, plants, rocks, humans, angels, guides and more. In Mediumship, one’s mind holds the ability to communicate with another’s consciousness. This ability is completely natural to human beings. Humans have utilized this capacity throughout all of time. For the past 1000 years or so, this ability amongst many other healing and magical capacity has been demonized, ostracized and banished from consensual reality. Nonetheless it remains part of our human capacity.

My mediumship is particularly focused on the Voices of the Ancestors. As such I am available to you to provide Mediumship to connect with your Deceased Loved Ones (typically a one-time session), or to resolve deep seated, long-standing family challenges such as generational trauma (typically 3-9 sessions).

In addition to those two services, you may connect with your Ancestral Guides as well as your Ancestral Gifts. In short: each person, at birth, is provided with specific Ancestors to watch over our paths in life. And each family (tribe) is watched over by specific Ancestors, who also belong to the realm of guides such as angels, elves, gnomes, giants, prophesiers, diviners, and so forth. Those Ancestral Guides hold divine guidance in store for us, and the knowledge of Gifts: Skills accessible to us in this life time.

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