Mediumship & Shamanic Training

  • Ancestral Mediumship

is Andrea’s signature training as it is a combination of her long-standing work with Ancestors as a Constellator, Generational Healer, Therapist, Ancestral Voice & Medium.

It is taught as a Foundational & Advanced Class with a pre-requisite of existing solid mediumship and journey skills.

The understanding of the Ancestral Realms are of course still evolving, and so each course is taught at the current understanding of the Ancestral Realms.

Andrea’s worldly mentors are/were:

    • Elder Maledoma Some, referred to her work as one who carries ‘The Voice of the Ancestors’.
    • Betsy Bergstrom, alerted Andrea to her capacity of Mediumship and how to use it.

Additional trainings are offered within the Lineage of the Norse Tradition. Spirit World provides a thorough foundation to work mediumistically in a safe and grounded structure. And in collaboration with one’s helping spirits, allies and guides.

  • Spirit World:

Day 1: Working with Guides, Day 2: Awakening Mediumship

  • Compassionate Depossession

  • Compassionate Space & Land Clearing

  • Mediumship Practice Circles

    Practice Circles are one of my favorites. They offer the opportunity to learn, expand, and grow beyond one’s limitation in perception and world view. As such they are rich and thrive from the community that gathers.

    All Practice Circles welcome All Levels of Mediums.

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