Spirit Release & Unbinding

Spirit Clearings assist as energetics around your own person, your home or land have become to overbearing. Chronic Tiredness, Depression, even Psychotic Breaks can be symptoms of overshadowing Spirit Presence. Bad Luck and Lack of Good Fortune may indicate the presence of an Ancestral Restriction or Curse.

Remedies work swift & effectively. At times, a systemic or chronic condition is part of the challenge. If so, a more ongoing approach is needed combining processing, clearing and trauma release or therapy.

Spirit Beings do cooperate and generally are as happy to move on as you. We honor a code of compassion and non-violence for all involved.

Spirit Clearings:

Compassionate Curse & Oaths Unravelings
Soul Retrieval
Compassionate Depossession
Space and Land Clearings
Spirit Illness & Spirit Emergence
Ancestral Field Clearings
Psychotic Breaks
Mood Instabilities

Our world naturally holds a balance of matter and spirit – no matter how modern a worldview we may adopt – this reality is unchanged. Beings live among us without a physical body: fairies, elementals, angels, star beings as well as deceased friends and relatives (ancestors or animals). And not much unlike our own lives here in the physical realms – things can go ‘wrong’ in the realm of spirit. Spirits can be displaced – meaning they find themselves in the wrong place or wrong time. Spirits can be trapped in homes and on land. What we experience as a negative impact, is most often a displaced Spirit who is lost, frightened, bound, and cannot figure out to how to go back to its time and place – so it stays, hoping that someone pays attention.

In complex and chronic situations such as spirit related illness, spirit emergence or psychotic breaks – an ongoing series of meetings might be needed. During our initial consultation – this will be discussed and evaluated.

All Spirit Clearings begin with a 30 minute consultation during which you are asked a few diagnostic questions, allowing us to fine-tune what is needed, whether we are a good team, and whether this is a good time to move ahead with a spirit clearing. This session would be our first contact, and precedes the actual clearing by 7-10 days.

First time working with me?

We begin with a 30 minute consultation to check in compatibility, complexity and to answer questions. The actual clearing occurs 5-7 days later and takes approximately 90 minutes.

A 30 minute follow up consultation about 10 days later is recommended. With complex situations, a series of Clearings may be required.

  • First time: $290 – includes initial consult & 1 session
  • Follow up sessions are $225. In some cases where regular work is required, sessions vary from $180-225.
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