Spirit Unbinding is a remedy working swiftly and effectively for all involved. At times, a systemic or chronic condition is part of the challenge – or unattended trauma. If so, a more ongoing approach is needed combining spirit release & unbinding with trauma release or therapy.

Spirit Beings do cooperate and generally are as happy to move on as you.  A code of compassion and non-violence for all involved is the foundation of my work.

Therapeutic Support

A 4-consultation process permits us to get to know one another. During the 4th consultation we decide, together, on the focus, frequency and need for more ongoing work.

In complex situations, a network of complementary medicine and practitioners will be advised.

Therapeutic support is provided with or without guidance through spirit.

As an out-of-network provider your insurance may reimburse service fees to you. Please check with your insurance.

Therapeutic Mediumship

A space for generational healing with complexity such as abuse, murders, suicides, or family secrets.

A therapeutically sound yet spirit supported process providing a more ongoing connection and support to you. 3-6 sessions, first session is 90 minutes.

Connecting with a Deceased Loved One

  • Ask Questions: about family history including secrets, someone’s death, or perspective onto a historical or current situation.
  • Request support, or develop a pathway on requesting support from your Deceased Loved Ones.

Ancestral Purpose & Identity

Each human is born into an Ancestral web from which we derive direction and at times: purpose. This is a natural occurance for all humans.  2-session process to gain the reading.

Additional processing sessions available as well.

Mediumship is communication with Spirits & Beings of the Natural World.

The Natural World consists of animals, trees, plants, rocks, humans, angels, guides and more. In Mediumship, one’s mind holds the ability to communicate with another’s consciousness. This ability is completely natural to human beings. Humans have utilized this capacity throughout all of time. For the past 1000 years or so, this ability amongst many other healing and magical capacity has been demonized, ostracized and banished from consensual reality. Nonetheless it remains part of our human capacity.

My mediumship is particularly focused on the Voices of the Ancestors. As such I am available to you to provide Mediumship to connect with your Deceased Loved Ones (typically a one-time session), or to resolve deep seated, long-standing family challenges such as generational trauma (typically 3-9 sessions).

In addition to those two services, you may connect with your Ancestral Guides as well as your Ancestral Gifts. In short: each person, at birth, is provided with specific Ancestors to watch over our paths in life. And each family (tribe) is watched over by specific Ancestors, who also belong to the realm of guides such as angels, elves, gnomes, giants, prophesiers, diviners, and so forth. Those Ancestral Guides hold divine guidance in store for us, and the knowledge of Gifts: Skills accessible to us in this life time.

Our world naturally holds a balance of matter and spirit. Beings live among us without a physical body: fairies, elementals, angels, star beings as well as deceased friends and relatives (ancestors or animals). And not much unlike our own lives here in the physical realms – things can go ‘wrong’ in the realm of spirit. Spirits can be displaced – meaning they find themselves in the wrong place or wrong time. Spirits can be trapped in homes and on land. What we experience as a negative impact, is most often a displaced Spirit who is lost, frightened, bound, and cannot figure out to how to go back to its time and place – so it stays, hoping that someone pays attention. A potential part of you being distressed is not only their distress, yet may also be their way of hoping to get your attention so both: you and them, can be helped.

In complex and chronic situations such as spirit related illness, spirit emergence or psychotic breaks – an ongoing series of meetings might be needed. During our initial consultation – this will be discussed and evaluated.

All Spirit Clearings begin with a 25 minute consultation during which you are asked a few diagnostic questions, allowing us to fine-tune what is needed, whether we are a good team, and whether this is a good time to move ahead with spirit release & unbinding. This session would be our first contact, and precedes the actual spirit work by 5-7 days.

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