Mediumship is the natural capacoty of a person in body to communicate with a being without a body, such as your Deceased Loved Ones, Animals, Guides, Trees and more.

Andrea came to this juncture later in life. Her long-standing Constellation and Ancestral Healing Practice assures that all of your Ancestors show up for a Mediumship Reading. Friends as well.

You may connect with someone who has recently crossed over, or someone from 30 generations back – all are available to you.

The Number 1 Message from your Ancestors

“You have our unconditional support”  

Basic Mediumship

Connect with your deceased loved ones.

We have their unconditional support.

And their purpose is: supporting us. Bring questions, Receive Answers.

Therapeutic Mediumship

Therapeutic Mediumship brings Generational Healing.

Complex healing requests.

Therapeutically safe: 3 Sessions or more.

Ancestral Guides & Gifts

Ancestral Guides  are with us life-long; holding special skills and gifts for us to be claimed.

Speak with your Ancestral Guides, and/or to meet your Ancestral Gifts(Rites).

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