Therapy & Therapeutic Support

Therapy is a private support frame during which limitations, trauma, restrictions are released or transformed. The aim is to reach Desired Fullness of Life, Love and Success.

Efficacy is a prime objective to me. It is measured in longevity of change, readiness for change, time invested – for both of us – and realism.

To assess your individual, couple or family’s possibilities, we begin with a 4-consultation process. During the 4th consultation, we determine together how to proceed, what can be achieved by when.

Assessment for Couples and Families take a 6-consultation process.

Together, we agree on:

Focus, Length and Frequency of Therapeutic Support, as well as Modalities used to achieve desired Outcome.

A wide network of medicinal and wholistic professionals is available to you.

Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft has 40 years of experience in the Field of Therapy. Her Services can be reimbursed by your  Insurance as an Out-of-network Provider. Please check with your insurance about reimbursement rates, as they vary from plan to plan.

For Questions call 610-513-2757
or email:

I will be delighted to speak with you.

Kindly understand that I do not take family history during initial calls. The sanctity of your life is reserved for private sessions.

Thank you.

Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft holds extensive experience in working with:

Abuse, including Psychic and Ritual Abuse

Severe Loss

Blended Families

Generational Rifts


Chronic Illness

Anxiety, Depression

Mental Health: Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Personality Disorders

Spirit Related Illness

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