Constellation Training

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Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft,

Full-Time Facilitator, Trainer and Therapist in Germany, Europe, USA, and Canada since 1992.

Trainings offer transformation skill building to Practitioners working on behalf of the well-being of humans.

Trainings are all-engaging in theory, practice and application. Vital elements are containment and inclusivity to the legacies we carry: as families, as a collective, as a species.


Constellation Training occurs in 3 phases:

1. Foundation: Natural Alignment in a Relational Cosmos
2. Facilitation: The Phenomenological & Transformative Facilitator Self
3. Master Class: Beyond Entanglements
Certification is provided once all 3 trainings are complete. This includes supervised Constellations throughout phase 2 and 3.
Andrea Bosbach Largent, MSW, SFT

Constellation Trainer & Facilitator since 1992

Facilitator, Medium, Therapist
The training content aligns with the foundational curriculum of the German Systemic Constellations. In addition you find methodology specific content from over 35 years of Senior Training Experience & Facilitation, including the Geno-Chart-Process™, Ancestor Table and Ritual.
  • Transformational Competence in working with Clients – both in group and individually
  • Field Competence – Engaging & Disengaging Fields in Therapy
  • Contextual Competence: present context inside a healing process and biographical context
  • Leadership Skills in Work, Life, Therapy
  • Transformational Leadership in generational and biographical trauma release
  • Group Leadership Skills including parameters of safety for process
  • A network of peers for years to come
  • and some fun along the way – including personal work and support.

Professionals of diverse backgrounds welcomed: Psychotherapy, Energy Modalities, Psychology, Body-Work, Social-Work, Teachers, Healers, Shamanic Practitioners, Mediums, Psychics, Human-Animal Relations, Veterinarians, Service Professionals of diverse professional context, and more.

To explore Constellation Training with Andrea please schedule a 45 minute interview. email:

Apprenticeship into Master Level Facilitation

18-24 month of ApprenticeShip with Andrea Bosbach Largent, MSW, SFT

This Apprenticeship is a co-creation between Apprentice and Teacher. It is a minimum of 18 months, and a maximum of 36 months. A monthly fee is part of the design, and allows weekly access to the Teacher as well as unlimited attendance of events and trainings including Training Assistance and Co-Teaching. To explore this option please email: to request a Constellation Apprenticeship Interview. Prior knowledge to one another in a Constellation Circle is a prerequisite to meet and consider apprenticing.

Please be advised that this ancient form of skill transmission is deeply intimate.

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